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Dec 29, 2017

Listener Lucas Brown has sent us another batch of Tim-Tams from Australia, so we're going to try them! These are gelato-inspired Tim-Tams, which means there's a real gourmet feel to them. Plus, they're Tim-Tams, so they're already probably pretty good. See how they stack up! Also: We rank the best food at Dollywood!

Dec 19, 2017

For this year's holiday movie, we chose something that is only holiday-related in the most inexplicable of ways: 2017's Pottersville, a tax dodge disguised as a movie with an astonishingly accomplished and overqualified cast. Is it set at Christmas? Yes. Is it somehow related to It's a Wonderful Life? Kinda? That's...

Dec 1, 2017

We're back with the snacks, and trying an assortment of candy from Vietnam! Much like the Beijing Special Product bag from our first two specials, many of these didn't have readable labels, so we're flying blind. Will we come out OK? Listen and find out?

Nov 22, 2017

Did you miss us? We're back! And we're poppin' the Squad! That's right. We wanted to do something big after an unexpected break, and so we're bringing you the much-requested Suicide Squad for this month's show. It's on HBO's various streaming options now if you want to watch along with us.

Oct 25, 2017

We're back and we're snackin'! This month, we're trying several bars purchased at Kramarczuk's deli in Minneapolis! Many of them are wafer bars, and while that seems right up our alley, they're not all as perfect and beautiful as we'd hoped, though a few do manage to succeed. Learn about the conundrum of delicate milk...